• The idea of Dirty Bowl came to me after listening to episode 25 of the Ludology podcast:


    Here is what I wrote on BoardGameGeek's forum:

    And listening to the podcast gave me 2 additional ideas:
    - a management game: (4+ players) each player will enhance his players capabilities during the week through workouts, trainings, video sessions. On sundays, games will be played very quickly with dice rolls (one by quarter) based on players capabilities. And then next week for next game, until playoff comes!
    But there would be a twist: instead of enhancing his team, a player could use some actions to "decrease" another player's team. Making players go to night clubs, have affairs, being caught for drugs, having car accidents, ... that would decrease strength, motivation, team spirit, ... but could also play against the "attacking" player (some risk is involved).
    I am not sure to be a 100% clear (it still needs a lot of development anyway!), but to sum it up the title could be Dirty Bowl!

    Here are the bases. Watch out for more soon!

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